Feb 11 2021 - Love is in the Bow

Cello Madness Congress: Love is in the Bow

 Feb 11 2021 - 7 PM PST / 9 PM CST 

Matthew Linaman, Aaron Kerr,  & Cello Joe

Buy a ticket to get access to the Backstage Green Room on Zoom and be a part of the show! 

You'll be able to applaud after each song. 

You’ll also be able to join in for the Q&A with each artist. 

Thanks for your support! 


Matthew Linaman 

Venmo: @Matthew-Linaman | PayPal: @MatthewLinaman

Aaron Kerr

Paypal: cellogodmusic@gmail.com

Venmo: @cellojoe | PayPal: PayPal.me/CelloJoe | Cash App: Cash.app/$CelloJoe 


The livestream recording will be publicly available to all for free, but we'd love it if you get a ticket because you’ll be in the backstage area with the performers!

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YouTube: cellotribe.com/cellomadnessyoutube

Artist Bios:

Matthew Linaman

Multifaceted cellist who regularly performs concertos with Orchestra and chamber music around the world. Has spoken on the Tedx stage st hearbst théâtre in San Francisco and has performed in 18 countries. A dedicated teacher, he is on faculty at the SF conservatory precollege program.


Venmo: @Matthew-Linaman | PayPal: @MatthewLinaman