March 25 2021 - Spring Strings

Cello Madness Congress: Spring Strings

March 25 2021 

5:30 PM PDT / 8:30 PM EDT

Featuring:  Cello Gilmore Becstar / Rebecca Gilmore Cello, James Cello Hoskins, & Byron Hogan. 

Buy a ticket to get access to the Backstage Green Room on Zoom and be a part of the show! 

You'll be able to applaud after each song. 

You’ll also be able to join in for the Q&A with each artist. 

Thanks for your support! 


Cello Gilmore Becstar

 James Cello Hoskins

Byron Hogan

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The livestream recording will be publicly available to all for free, but we'd love it if you get a ticket because you’ll be in the backstage area with the performers!

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Artist Bios:

Cello Gilmore Becstar / Rebecca Gilmore Cello

Hi Cello friends and enthusiasts! I've embraced the changes of 'ol sucky '20 and am deep diving into all things cello-y, #BeethovenA, recording ventures, crossover music with my #boxcellolove and #yogawithcello. My cello students and I are happy to have each other and I am happy to move outside of the arena of Orchestral Playing (outside the box) and more into BEING COURAGEOUS! #CollabCello