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What is the Cello Madness Congress?

The Cello Madness Congress used to be a live show where many cellists had featured slots.
In between all the featured acts, there was improvisation sessions amongst the cellists.

Now the Cello Madness Congress is an online livestream series and will resume live shows when it's safe.

Here is an example of the live show vibe. This is an epic 18 minute round of Cello Ping Pong Volleyball. Basically, the  
concept is that you split the cellists into two teams and each team plays a short snippet of a piece or an improv and lobs the musical ball over to the other team.  

In this match, one team Mushaikalummers is comprised of Rushad Eggleston, Misha Khalikulov, and Mark Summers. Team 2 Team B is Cello Joe, Martin Watkinson, and Ilene Mcholland.  

Watch as the madness ensues. 
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